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      September 1, 2021 Announcement 


    We are so happy to be back in our normal school year at Davis Dance and we value each and every one of you!  As time goes on and we grow, this makes way for some changes to manage our expansion and programs.


    As with all Dance Studios, the goal is to “train up” a dancer each year in their class and present their dances at the Big End of School Year Presentation … the Big Formal Dance Recital.  Some studios close their registration for the school year right after the beginning in the Fall.  Why is this important? Dance is not like most sports that have a ‘short season’. 

      Once the dance classes have set themselves in place, the learning,  training, technique building, and team bonding begins to build and grow.  We are very much like a student attending school for 9 months.   Joining a dance class so close to the end of a school year & Recital time, students miss what all that was being taught and refined since the beginning of the school year. 

Example:  What was taught in October might be hard for a student joining in January.  If a class is learning a pirouette turn , the instructor will be breaking down the mechanics of it very soon in the year from foot placement, body transition, arms , and spotting, Etc.  And this kind of example is just one step among so many others really takes time.


****** With this being said, we are closing our new school year of 2021-2022 Registration in order to participate in the Big End of Year Recital 2022 on

 November 1st, 2021 ******

 This will also help us in regards to the costume orders, as we found out last year.  

This will not apply to ages 2-4; their deadline is Jan 1 because of their different age/development needs. 

    Will we still open classes and take students in after the November 1st deadline? Absolutely!  We will be creating those classes for those students and families who cannot join before November 1st.  There is a window from Nov 1 to Feb 1 to join.  Also, after Feb 1st, there will be Non Recital Classes offered. 

Will those registering after Nov 1st still have a Recital? 

Yes, however we will have what we call an Informal End of Year Recital in the same format we have our Regular Recital except on a different night & venue.  The other difference is no regular costumes will be featured on your child.  Instead, there  will be a Special Dance T-shirt created for this show along with your child’s black leggings and dance shoes.  More info tba.  The cost will also reflect this different event.

When will these New Classes for the Informal Show be on the Schedule? 

We are looking at Monday afternoon, Thursday evening, and Saturday afternoons. Please stay tuned. 

We are presenting this now, so that you have time to think it over and plan accordingly.  Thank you for understanding 

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